Control cards repair and testing


  • We are expert in repairing of All make AC DRIVE (VFD) , DC DRIVE ,Servo Drive, Servo motor , Robo Drive ,HMI ,Industrial PC, Teach Pendant of ROBO ,HAAS , MAZAK m/c cards Induction Hardening Machine

  • We are proficient in AC, DC Servo Motor & Drive + VFD repairs. By now we have developed skill in repairing of conventional as well as non-standard drives & motors.

Following are some of the successful drives & motors repaired and installed by us.

· Siemens 6RA20.

· Siemens 6RA70.

· Siemens 6RA80.

· Siemens 6RA2775.

· Siemens Sinamics G120 , S120.

· Simovert Servo.

· Siemens Simodrive.

· Siemens LT Module.

· FANUC Servo Motor & Servo Drive.

· Master Servo.

· ABB ACS550.

· ABB ACS800 , 850 ,880 , AGDR 450 IGBT+ Driver card .

· ABB DCS800 ,PIN4 , CON 4.

· Allen Bradley Power flex.

· Rexroth Drive.

· Yale Forklift Drive.

· Danfoss VLT.

· Yaskawa V-1000 , A 1000 , F7 , J.

· Mitsubishi VFD / Servo drive MDS.

· Controlteknic Mentor-II, Unidrive SK,SP.

· Schneider Elau Pac Drive for paper plant.

· Parker, Delta, LG, L&T Drives.

· Servo Motor Yaskawa, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, FANUC. Panasonic

· Robo Servo Motors all make.

· Robotics system COMAU WB5G-MF BR Robot Drive module .ABB Robo DRIVE

Industrial Electronics Repair Services – Work Profile

· AC ,DC, Stepper , servo Drives ,HF Drives ,Power supply modules.

· CNC and PLC Based machines control cards includes Processor, Memory ,Servo control , video card ,I/O Card and CRT ,LCD and HMI Displays.

· In process Gauge amplifiers ,balancers.

· Standard room Measuring equipment control cards .

· Compressor controllers.

· Induction Hardening Controllers and HF Generators.

We cater repairing services on following brands:-

A) CNC Systems- All CNC Control cards

NUM 750/760

Siemens- 840C,810T,810G, 820G, System 3, 850M, 880M, Hinumrik 2100

Fanuc- 0M, 6M,11M ,6T,16TT

UNICORN- ELB Surface and Profile Grinding machine

UNIPRO 90- Heller HMC

Haas CNC- VMC and Turning centers

Grundig – Deckel 50 CC, Deckel Maho

CNC 3200- Landis Lund cam profile Grinding Machine.

Helitronic Power – Walter tool & Cutter grinding machine.

PLC Control cards- Allen Bradly, Messung ,Mitsubhishi and Siemens

B) Motion Control –Includes AC ,DC, Stepper , servo Drives ,HF Drives ,Power supply modules

Haas Vector 20 HP, 40 HP and servo Drives 30A, 45A, 60 A

Schneider VFD – 90 KW, 400 KW

Bosch & Indramat – TDM ,TVM ,DIAX04 ( Sercos interface) ,KDV, DKC Eco drives .

Siemens – 6 RA DC Master ,6RB,6SC11 , LT Modules ,E/R Modules .

SIEB & MEYER (REFU ) – PS10, FC 80, SD2S Series HF Drives and Power Supply Modules .

Fanuc- Analog , alpha and Beta Series.

Mitsubhishi- FRA 700 Series VFD and MRJ2 Series Servo Drives .

DELTA Make VFD 10 HP – 225 HP , Servo Drives .

Control Technique HF Drives and VFD- Commander SK Series

L & T , Yashkawa Drives , A1000 & V1000 Series

C) In process gauging and balancing systems

Marposs – E5N, E9, E82,E78 , P1,P7

D) Compressor cards-

Atlas Capco – GA Series controllers

E) Nordson Packaging Machine Controllers .

We provide our customer with the ability to take advantage of our cost effective repair services and solutions to keep system running and Productive.

By repairing Industrial Electronics devices , we are able to extend equipment life by keep older equipment operating reliability for a longer Time .